Small Animal Net Guns

PROFESSIONAL POWERED TACTICAL NET LAUNCHERS is the home of the UltraNet®, CO2 powered net launcher, which features Ultra-High molecular weight polyethylene nets for high performance flight and strength characteristics.

Net Gun Kits containing pre-loaded nets or “heads” are secured in a waterproof case.

CO2 powered for indoor/outdoor use to safely capture a variety of targets including small or medium animals and drones.

International shipping is available.


large animal net guns

RIFLE POWERED LARGE TARGET NETGUNS is now offering a line of large net launchers designed for heavy, repeated use in large animal capture. These net launchers are fired via .308 caliber rifle blanks. They feature heavier, long-lasting, re-usable nets for years of reliable service.

Our large net launchers are designed in New Zealand where net guns were first born in the 1970’s. We import several key components and match them to a Remington® model 700 bolt-action rifle. However, the net launcher is rendered permanently incapable of firing a live ammunition, which classifies them as a “tool” not a “firearm” in this country. Net dimensions and materials are selected and built specifically for the intended target.


Professional CO2 & Rifle Powered Tactical Net Guns is owned and operated by Wildlife Capture Services, LLC, a professional wildlife capture company that has been outfitting the wildlife profession with quality net guns and animal capture products since 2000.

From big game research to drone capture to nuisance animal control, we offer professional quality animal capture products including CO2 powered net gun kits for a variety of applications. NetGuns created by Wildlife Capture Services, LLC are proven to work on a broad variety of wild and domestic-feral species.  We have designed and tested each product to perform to our exceedingly-high expectations under the toughest field conditions.

Be assured that quality is the first priority in each of our products.  When working in harsh field conditions, capturing wary animals, there is no room for compromise. Experienced trappers and law enforcement officers know that you have to spend the time and money up front, or it will cost you more later.

"Everyone wants a net gun. Some of us NEED a net gun!” - D. Allen, Michigan

Small Animal Net Gun Kits

Large Animal Net Guns

  • Extinct or Alive

    As a wildlife biologist and television host on Animal Planet, we rely on and use only the world's best products to get the job done affectively and efficiently. Thanks to Tyler at we were able to have the best net launcher products made for and sent to us in no time at all. The customer service was attentive and ongoing and the products worked flawlessly, allowing us to capture some incredible animals in a safe and harmless way to promote conservation to a global audience. We couldn’t be more happy with The Netguns we have used and will continue to use them for all of our wildlife and television work. I can not recommend this product enough for anyone who worked with wild animal captures.

    - Forrest Galante, Wildlife Biologist, Host of Animal Planet’s “Extinct or Alive”

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