UltraNet 4 Head Kit


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UltraNet® Specifications

  • Length: 311mm (12 1/4”L X 3 1/2”W)
  • Weight (loaded): 1.36kg (3lbs)
  • Net Speed: 15 mps (50fps)
  • Optimum Target Range: 3-9 meters (12-30 ft.)
  • Power: CO2, 16 gram unthreaded
  • Net Material: Dyneema or High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE)
  • Net Sizes: 3 sizes available, see chart below
  • Kit Includes: one UltraNet handle, pre-loaded nets, 5 CO2 per head, Instruction manual, waterproof case (case colors may vary)
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Propelled by compressed CO2, the UltraNet casts a square Dyneema net over 15 mps (50 fps), carried by four rubber-padded corner-weights a horizontal distance of over 10 meters (30 feet) to entangle and stop a target.
The UltraNet is being used worldwide by researchers, rescue groups, animal control officers, UAV operators, police and property owners to safely and humanely stop and restrain elusive targets.

The UltraNet body is made from machined aluminum. The valve system uses all metal construction.

Check out our Net Gun Demo Videos!

*NOTE: This video was made using the MagNet - the first model of our professional net gun line. The UltraNet has improved performance but operates similarly to its predecessor.

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Our high-speed nets are made from ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight Dyneema or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, also known as High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) or high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE). Additional Nets with Weights may also be purchased as needed.

  • Has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Coefficient of friction significantly lower than nylon
  • Simply, the best material available for this application

UltraNet Kits:
We have created kits to help you choose the appropriate size net for your application. The names of these kits are suggestive but not limited to how they might be used. The UltraNet kits come with 4 pre-loaded, re-useable nets and 20 CO2 canisters, enough for 20 shots. The kit comes in a waterproof, tactical case (color of cases may vary.)

"Bird Specialist" 4 each 5cm nets

"Nuisance Control" 2 each 5cm nets and 2 each 10cm nets

"Dog Catcher" 4 each 10cm nets

“Eagle Scout” (prepared for anything) 1 each 5cm net, 2 each 10cm nets and 1 each 20cm nets

Net Sizes & Applications:

Sizes Mesh Size* Overall Size Target
Small 5cm (2in) 2m x 2m Birds, cats, waterfowl, bats, etc.
Medium 10cm 3m x 3m Dogs (sm-med), geese, peacocks, turkeys, etc.
Large 20cm 3.2M x 3.2 M Law-enforcement, drones

*Measuring one square when pulled tight, corner to corner.

The UltraNet is powered by a single CO2 canister, 16 gram unthreaded, each kit includes 20 canisters. One shot per canister. Additional CO2 sold separately. International orders do not include CO2. Additional CO2 may also be purchased as needed.

The ultra thin Dyneema net travels over 15 meters per second. The net is fully opened at approximately 3-4 meters (10-12ft), traveling to over 15 meters (50ft.). Ideal range is 6-8 meters (+/-20ft.)

The UltraNet comes in a crush proof, waterproof case (case colors may vary).

Shipping is free in the lower US. We ship UPS Ground. Expedited shipping is available.

International shipping is available. CO2 is NOT INCLUDED in international shipments.

Money back, unused and unopened. 6 month manufacturers warranty on materials and workmanship. Warranty does not include consumable commodities (CO2, nets, covers, weights, or rubber seals).

Choose your Kit
*Bird Specialist (four- 5cm nets) (0)
*Nuisance Control (two 5cm & two 10cm nets) (0)
*Dog Catcher (four 10cm nets) (0)
*Eagle Scout (one 5cm, two 10cm, one 20cm nets) (0)
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UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit
UltraNet 4 Head Kit