UltraNet HD Large Animal Target Net Gun

Large Animal Target Net Gun

Portable Power.
  • .308 caliber Hand Held Net Gun
  • Heavy-Duty for years of repeated use
  • Bolt-action, Remington® 700
  • 3 Models: Fixed, QD Canister and QD Barrel/canister
  • Each model is available in Full-Length-Stock or Double-Pistol-Grip
  • Net & Mesh Sizes to Cover Any Target
  • Nylon & Dyneema Nets
  • Quick-Detach Options for fast follow-up shots
  • Blanks sold separately
  • 3 Year Full Warranty

Effect range will vary with net size, ranging from 20-30 feet. We will provide the proper net for your application. The proper net considers overall net size, mesh size and thread size. There is no perfect size for everything, but there is a perfect net for every target. We have standard net configurations for common uses and we can build specialty nets for unique situations.

We have nylon and dyneema nets to catch most any target. Net sizes typically range from 10'x10'-16’x16’ ft. sq. Mesh sizes vary from 1-12 inches.

Please specify what size net you need, or tell us what you will be catching.

The recoil is moderate to heavy depending on the load/application. These Net-Guns are modified to prevent the loading of a normal, bulleted cartridge. Therefore, they are not classified as firearms by the United States Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

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